Looking to buy a new home and get cashback for your hard-earned money? Or, are you paying too much for your current home loan and want to learn more about your options? It’s time to consider refinancing or getting a new home loan with a generous cashback offer!

What is a Home Loan Cashback Offer?

Cashback offers provide you with a lump sum of money upon the settlement of your new mortgage. Think of it as a reward for switching or refinancing!

Benefits of Cashback Home Loans

  • Accelerate Your Mortgage Payoff
  • Enjoy Extra Cash: Put that money towards renovations, a dream vacation, etc.
  • Boost Your Savings
  • Secure Lower Interest Rates: Often, cashback offers are paired with competitive interest rates, saving you even more money in the long run.

Find the Best Cashback Offers with WiseList

WiseList makes it easy to find the best home loans with cashback offers in Australia. Compare rates, cashback amounts, and terms to find the perfect fit for your financial goals.

Why Lenders Offer Cashback

Lenders use cashback offers as an incentive to attract new customers or encourage refinancing. It’s a win-win situation: you get a financial bonus, and the lender gains a new client.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cashback Home Loans

Are there any catches with cashback home loans?

While cashback offers are a great incentive, it’s important to compare the overall loan package, including the interest rate and fees. Sometimes, a higher cashback amount might come with a slightly higher interest rate. Make sure to consider the total cost of the loan over its lifetime.

How do I get my cashback?

Typically, the cashback is paid directly into your nominated bank account after your new home loan settles. The timeframe can vary depending on the lender, but it’s usually within a few weeks.

Can I get cashback if I’m refinancing?

Yes, many cashback offers are available for both new home loans and refinancing. Refinancing can be a great way to access a lower interest rate and also get a cashback bonus.

Do I have to pay tax on the cashback?

In most cases, you won’t have to pay tax on the cashback. However, if you’re an investor, there might be tax implications. It’s always best to seek professional advice for your individual circumstances.

Is there a minimum loan amount to qualify for cashback?

Yes, most lenders have a minimum loan amount requirement to be eligible for a cashback offer. This amount can vary, so it’s important to check the specific terms of each offer.

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