The Tasmanian Government is providing financial relief to residents and businesses facing rising energy costs. Here’s what you need to know:

Key Points

  • Households: All Tasmanian households will receive a $250 credit directly on their electricity accounts.
  • Small Businesses: Each eligible small business will receive a $300 credit on their electricity accounts.
  • Timing: Payments are expected to be distributed before the end of the current financial year.
  • Cost: The rebate program will cost the Tasmanian Government $74 million.


  • The rebate is part of the state’s Renewable Energy Dividend program, which returns profits from government-owned clean energy businesses to Tasmanians.
  • Tasmania offers additional energy concessions for eligible residents, including an annual electricity concession and a heating allowance.

Premier Rockliff’s statement: “We recognize Tasmanians are facing increased costs, and this rebate provides immediate relief before winter energy bills arrive.”

Why This Matters

Tasmania joins other Australian states in offering energy rebates to combat rising costs related to electricity.

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