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Grocery shopping tips with children

 Make a grocery list so that you remember to buy everything you need, despite being distracted by your children in the shop.  Take healthy snacks for kids to enjoy during grocery shopping. Shop at a time of day when you know your children will be happy for a while, not when they are over-tired or hungry.  Give your kids a job. Ask your little buddies to help and this makes the grocery haul fun.  Help your little one to learn about food. Grocery shopping is a good opportunity for discussing with your child anything about fruits and vegetables. Skip trouble

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How to cut your grocery bill

Take a shopping list to the supermarket and only buy what’s on the list. Plan meals in advance and add the ingredients to your shopping list. If you have very young children, ask a friend to mind them while you go shopping. You’ll have more time to compare prices and won’t fall victim to ‘pester power’. Set a budget for your shopping trip, withdraw the cash from an ATM and only take this money with you when you go shopping. Try growing your own food at home. Eat a meal or snack before you go to the supermarket. When you’re

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