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Delivery & Service Fees

When you place an order, the fees you pay help cover delivery costs.

Orders may include the following fees

Delivery Fees: Varies for each supermarket based on your location and availability of nearby shoppers. Most importantly delivery fees are calculated based on the distance from the supermarket to your home.

Delivery charges will be calculated based on the distance between users’ home and nearest Coles and Woolworths (Coles —> Home, Woolworths —> Home)

Example: If you are within 3km from both Woolworths and Coles the fee will be a flat rates of $5, every extra 1 km after that we will charge $1 per km.

Service Fees: The Service Fee equals 5% of your order’s subtotal and is calculated on the amount before any promotions or discounts are applied.

You’ll always know the delivery and service fee before you place an order. These fees work together to help cover delivery costs and keep delivery shoppers on the road so your order can arrive quickly and reliably.

To see where your delivery and service are located view delivery and service fee

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