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How to Create Notes

  • Option 1: Manual Creation
    1. Find “Notes”: Go to your Dashboard and tap “Notes.”
    2. New Note: Tap the “+” icon in the top right corner.
    3. Add Content: Enter title, text, and optionally a photo.
    4. Save & View: Tap “Save” and your note will appear in the “Notes” list.
  • Option 2: Ask WiseList Assistance
    1. Find “Ask WiseList”: Tap the “Ask WiseList” bar on your Dashboard (camera & text box icon).
    2. Ask Your Question: Be specific (e.g., “Create a meal plan based on my supermarket receipt“).
    3. Save Your Note: When WiseList provides results, tap “Save to Notes.”

Managing Your Notes

  • Find Your Notes: All saved notes are in the “Notes” section of your Dashboard.
  • Easy Search with Tags: WiseList automatically adds tags to your notes. Tap relevant tags to quickly filter and find what you need.
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