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What is WiseList & how does it work?

WiseList is your all-in-one AI-powered app for simplifying daily life. From grocery shopping and meal planning to managing finances and beyond, WiseList streamlines tasks, saves you time, and reduces stress.

Key Features:

  • Smart Shopping: Compare grocery prices, build efficient lists, and easily export for online ordering.
  • AI-Powered Meal Planning: Get personalized recipe ideas, generate meal plans, and even analyze your pantry for less food waste.
  • Simplified Finances: Track bills, manage subscriptions, and gain insights into your spending.
  • Ask WiseList (AI): Get answers to diverse questions, turn receipts into meal plans, extract key points from documents, and more.
  • Customisable Lists: Build lists to organise any aspect of your life, from travel packing to project management.

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