Melbourne heat got me CRAVING some cool treats this weekend – ice cream, watermelon (which sadly sold out!), and some icy cold drinks for my at-home reading session.

Now, normally I wouldn’t hit the IGA for groceries (a little pricier, ya know?), but with the big supermarkets (Coles & Woolies) a bit further away, it seemed like the quickest option. Found my Coke Zero 6-pack and a Weis Mango Ice Cream bar, but then came the not-so-cool shock at checkout – $7.70 for the Coke and a whopping $11.20 for the ice cream!

Luckily, a lightbulb moment struck! Remembered I had the WiseList app on my phone. Scanned the barcodes, and BAM! Saved by technology! The app showed the Coke Zero was way cheaper at Woolies ($6.75) and Coles ($6.40). The ice cream? Even better deal! Woolies had it for $6.50 and Coles for $9.50.

But here’s the best part: turns out the IGA actually price matches Coles and Woolies! Showed the cashier the WiseList app info, and they happily adjusted the prices for me. Ended up paying only $12.90 instead of $18.90! Saved a cool $6 on my cool treats thanks to WiseList!

Seriously, this app is a lifesaver. Even at smaller stores like IGA, WiseList can help you snag some awesome deals! #WiseListWins #BeatTheHeatWithoutBreakingTheBank #CleverShopping #GroceryGuru