Grocery List

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A cheaper, easier and faster grocery shopping

You can search and create your grocery list with prices compare. Then you know where to go.

A collaborative list shared with your family in real time

  • Now you and your family members can share a grocery list in real time.
  • You only make one strip to the grocery store and everyone will be happy when you get home.

Never miss specials

  • Browse specials and add them to your list, so easy.
  • Add items to your watch list and you will get notification when they are on specials.


Your loyality cards

  • Add your Flybuys or Woolies rewards card to your list, then you can scan your card by your phone.

Share your list

  • You can share your list by Facebook, Email, Link and Wechat, easy.

Start using grocery list feature

Create a Collaborative List

  1. Log on to WiseLIst ->tap List-> tap icon at the top right corner of List, then tap Collaborative List.
  2. Tap +Invite people to start your collaborative list. Make sure people you are going to Invite already have a WiseList account.
  3. Enter your family members' email, phone number or paste their WiseList ID, then tap Send invitations.
    • If your family members or friends login in with Facebook, you can send invitation by enter or paste their WiseList ID.
    • Please inform them to tap More and tap Copy under their profile name. Their WiseList ID is copied to clipboard, they can paste and send to you by SMS or Email.
  4. You will see you and people you invited are in a collaborative list group after he or she accept your invitaiton.


  1. Tap List and tap the search icon at the bottom right corner. Then you will see the search box on the top.
  2. Enter a name to start a search. Tap an item you interested in the search result.
  3. Tap Temporary needs or weekly essentails.
    • Temporary needs is a list for your irregular grocery items.
    • Weekly essentials is a list for your regular and weekly needed grocery items.
  4. Tap Add to list and the item is saved to your temporary needs or weekly essentials list.
  5. You can view all items include temporary needs and weekly essentials by Tap My List at the top right corner.


  1. Tap Sync my list to sync and refresh your grocery list.
    • This keeps your collaborative list updated when other memebers add more remove grocery items to your list.
    • You don't need to tap Sync my list if you are not in a collaborative list. Your list is always in real time.
  2. Broswe and view your grocery items by tap My List at the top right corner.
  3. You will see the total price of your grocery items at two major grocery stores.


  1. Log on to WiseLIst ->tap List-> tap icon at the top right corner of List, then tap the share icon to share your list.
  2. Tap Email, Message, Facebook, Link and Wechat to share your grocery list.

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