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How to create a collaborative list?

📝 Here’s How to Get Started:

  1. Initiate Collaboration:
    • Log on to WiseList.
    • Tap ‘List’ and then the icon at the right corner (Refer to attached picture).
    • Select ‘Collaborative List’.
  2. Invite Members:
    • Tap ‘+Invite people’ to kickstart your shared list. Remember, invitees should have an existing WiseList account.
  3. Send Invitations:
    • You can add participants via their email, phone number, or WiseList ID.
    • If they’ve logged in using Facebook, simply use their WiseList ID. They can retrieve this by tapping ‘More’ under their profile name, then ‘Copy’. They can then share this ID with you through SMS or Email.
  4. Join & Contribute:
    • Once they accept your invite, you’ll see them in your collaborative list group. Every member can add, modify, or check off items.
  5. Sync Your Collaborative List:
    • Remember to tap the sync icon each time you want to align your list with other members. After tapping, you’ll see the synced list immediately! 🔄🛍📲
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