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How to create a collaborative list?

Facing the all-too-common grocery shopping woes? Duplicate buys, forgotten essentials, and the “I thought you were getting it” moments? It’s time for a change. Discover the joy of hassle-free shopping with WiseList’s Collaborative Lists!

🌟 Why Collaborative Lists?

  • Real-Time Sync: Keep your grocery list updated with family and friends.
  • No More Doubles: Say goodbye to duplicate purchases.
  • Everyone’s Favorites: Ensure all preferred items make it to the list.
  • Goodbye Forgetfulness: Eliminate those “I forgot to tell you” instances.

🎉 Reap the Benefits:

Embrace the efficiency and ease of a shared list. No more missed items or unnecessary extras. With WiseList, every trip to the grocery store becomes a smooth, collective effort.

📝 Getting Started is Easy:

  1. Start a List: Log into WiseList, go to ‘Grocery‘, and tap the icon in the right corner (see attached picture).
  2. Invite Your Squad: Use ‘+Invite people’ to add family or friends (make sure they have WiseList accounts).
  3. Send Invites: Add members via email, phone, or WiseList ID. For Facebook or Apple logins, use their WiseList ID (found in ‘More’ under their profile).
  4. Join & Collaborate: Once they join, everyone can add or modify items anytime, anywhere.
  5. Stay Synced: Hit the sync icon 🔄 to keep everyone’s list updated!

Ready to revolutionize your grocery trips? Join the WiseList collaborative shopping wave today! 🎉 🛒🍎🥖🥛🥦 Happy Collaborative Shopping!

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