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How do I use the Grocery list and comparison feature?

Difference between “Temporary Needs”, “Weekly Essentials” & “My List”

Weekly Essentials
If you want a certain product to show up every week, make sure you add them on to the weekly essential tab. E.g. If you need milk and eggs every week you will add them under the weekly essential. The weekly essential tab will show up every week.

Temporary needs
Your temporary grocery items will stay in your list until you check them off. If they are not marked off, they will remain in your list permanently. To make them disappear from future weeks, simply check them off for the week they were added.

My List
To see all the products (including temporary needs and weekly essentials)


If you shop in store and want to see your whole list (incl products that you need in your temporary and weekly essential list) you should go to “My List” to see the full List.

If you are shopping on the app, once you tick everything you need you can just checkout straightaway and all you weekly essential and temporary need will be in your cart.

Grocery List & Comparison Feature

  • To add items in your list, tap on the search icon (lower right corner) under the Grocery List tab.
  • You can search any item in the search bar. Once you find your item, adjust its quantity and categorise into “temporary needs” or “weekly needs” if needed and tap “add to list”.
  • Once you have added your items, tap “done” and you will return to the home screen. Note that it shows you a price comparison for each product, as well as how much you save in total (by going to either Coles or Woolworths) according to the items you’ve added!
  • To empty your list, tap the bin icon.

If you would like to share your list with friends and family, tap the share icon on the top right corner. You can also use the Collaborative List feature to create a list with others.

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