In the midst of rising grocery prices and the cost of living crisis, every dollar saved is a small victory. My recent trip to Woolies was a stark reminder of this. I went to pick up some fish oil, recommended by my GP for cholesterol management. Normally, I’m on top of checking prices with the WiseList app, but this time I slipped – it was just one item, after all. Imagine my shock at the checkout when the price was $79.5!

Thankfully, I had WiseList. A quick scan showed me that Coles had the same Swisse fish oil 400 pack for $29.5. That’s a $50 difference, just like that! I grabbed it from Coles instead, saving a significant amount.

This experience wasn’t an isolated incident. Especially with items like vitamins, which can be pricey, the savings add up quickly. WiseList has become an indispensable tool in my shopping routine, helping me navigate through the unpredictable pricing of supermarkets and manage the ongoing cost of living increases.

Being proactive with price checks, especially for regular purchases, is more crucial than ever. With WiseList, I’m reassured that I’m making the most out of every shopping trip, ensuring I get the best deals available. It’s a practical way to combat the rising costs and keep our budgets in check.

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