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How do I find the cheapest supermarket?

  • There’s no single “cheapest” supermarket. Prices fluctuate constantly, and what’s cheapest for one person’s shopping list might not be for another’s.
  • The key is comparison based on what YOU buy. Make a list of the items you normally purchase. Then, check prices across a few supermarkets that are convenient for you. The one with the lowest total cost for your list wins!
  • Tech tools can help. WiseList allow you to easily compare prices between stores, often revealing savings of $20 or more per shop.
  • Mix & match saves even more. Even within a single trip, it might be cheaper to buy certain items at one store and others at a different supermarket. WiseList and similar apps can help identify those scenarios, potentially saving you an average of $34!


  • Specials count. Factor in weekly specials and discounts when comparing.
  • Supermarket brands are often cheaper. Don’t automatically reach for name brands; compare to the store’s own brand for potential savings.
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