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How does the WiseList delivery works?

  • WiseList’s grocery delivery service makes it easy and cheap to order from Australian’s grocery stores.
  • Create a list, mix and match grocery store chains items for the best value.
  • Once the above is done tap on the”order now button” see how much you have save by shopping at both stores. 
  • Sometimes things go out of stock many of times we either substitute products or place a refund afterwards. Please note: if you do not want any substitution make sure you leave instructions. 
    Learn more about substitutions
  • After that key in your address and choose your delivery time. Delivery and service fess will be shown during checkout. 
    Learn where you can see service & delivery fees 
  • Then, WiseList will connect you with a personal shopper in your area to shop and deliver your order.

How are you fresh produce being handled?
Our shoppers have high attention to detail and they make sure that make sure that all fresh fruits and vegetables will be handpicked with care.

Frozen and refrigerated goods
In order to keep frozen and refrigerated goods fresh, the shoppers will shop for these products at the very end and deliver the groceries straight away to the customer. It’s the same as if you were shopping for you own groceries, each shopper personally shops and delivers for each individual customer. E.g one order at a time therefore not needing to use refrigerated vans or trucks

Form of transport

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